Sustainability in FinTechs: An Explanation through Business Model Scalability and Market Valuation

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Roberto Moro-Visconti, Salvador Cruz Rambaud and Joaquín López Pascual

Financial Technology (FinTech) is an industry composed of diversified firms that combine financial services with innovative technologies.

The research question and main goal are attempting to answer whether they are more similar to traditional banks or trendy technological firms deploying their innovativeness to favor financial inclusion and sustainability.

Objective: This study goes beyond the extant literature, analyzing the differences between FinTechs and traditional banks in market valuation, and showing the potential for digital interaction and cross-pollination of complementary business models.

Methodology: The differences will be empirically analyzed with the stock market valuation and the multipliers associated with these firms.

Results: The main contribution of this paper is that the appraisal approaches of FinTechs follow those of technological startups, having a revenue model much more scalable than that of a typical bank.

FinTechs may so provide a solution for sustainable finance with microfinance and crowdfunding among others.

FinTechs and traditional banks may eventually converge towards a common market exploiting co-opetition strategies.

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