Microfinance institutions in the USA: the glocalization of microcredit policies in relation to gender

The aim of this research was to inquire if foreign microfinance institutions (MFIs), interested in entering the US microfinance market because of its location advantages, should glocalize their microcredit policies.

Research found that women in the USA are a no better risk for microcredit than men, and there are no differences in the repayment of microloans between men and women.

The payment behaviour of women and men related to certain specific variables was also investigated. A survey sent to 203 MFIs was used, to which 17.73 per cent responded.

Findings show that, in the USA, there are no strong incentives, motivations or external pressures which influence women to pay microcredits better than men.

Therefore, international MFIs entering the USA should glocalize their microcredit policies in relation to women as well as their product design and policies for granting microloans.

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